Tuesday, November 30, 2010

What's up November?

i know..i know... i've been neglegting this blog for sooo long..
thousand apologies to my dear friends and readers. I have been terribly busy in the office (still in the same company, but i'm moving to a new strategic business unit that requires me to work harder) and at home (yeahh..still at the same old home) .yet,  i won't let November passes with no blog entry from me :)

the workload in the office is getting more, and at the same time I am not willing to let my sewing just slipped from my fingers! so, here are dressess that i managed to complete for my customers. thanks for your support

the dresses

above two dressess are for kak salina's 6 months old baby dhia.

amd these dresses are for feena's bundle of joy. fabrics given by feena.

the matching panties

baby sundress and sunhat from extra fabrics of feena's

again.. thanks for all your support, friends :)


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