Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Come Full Circle

I initially wanted to make circle dress like Maya's merry-go-round dress . 
Maya, thanks for the inspiration!,

then I was contemplated to make it as a bubble dress 
by adding elastic and a-line skirt inside, 
inspired from Oliver and S's bubble dress (Nope, i don't have the pattern)

visualising that my version of bubble dress will turn out like this
source:Google image

and now, I've come full circle, back to circle dress.

fully lined bodice
buttonholes yang wajib senget  T_T

Hence, bubble dress will be parked in Project-I'd-Like-To-Do-Someday list :P

p.s: saya refer tutorial kat sini.

Friday, March 26, 2010

BFF pencil rolls

Pencil rolls for the sweetest little bff. 

 One for Damia, one for Nawalnur



To be filled up with coloured pencils.
Although I'm too old for one, i still love colour pencils and using the brand new colour pencil is the best feelings in the world :D

p/s: Ieta, ok tak?
Damia and Nawalnur suka tak? I hope they love their pencil roll.
Handmade with love by Auntie Dura :)

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Refashion: A suit for sleeping..Zzzzz..

Dah lapan tahun rasanya i beli kemeja ni. 

Dalam lapan tahun tu, hanya sekali je i pakai pegi kerja.Sebab-->rasa macam pakai baju tido.Nak buat kain buruk, macam sayang pulak. Sebab tu i simpan. Yes, I am a HOARDER!

Masa kemas-kemas baju lama, terjumpa baju ni and datang idea untuk buat baju tido.Ye la.. kan corak macam baju tido. But it's not for's for my boy, Emir..

Untuk seluar, i guna bahagian lengan baju. Pola seluar ikut seluar Emir.
Bahagian badan.

Bahagian lengan, i guna bahagian hujung lengan baju asal yang ada cuff tu.

Yang ni pembantu baru i, mr. Sewing Gauge.
Senang nak ukur jarak untuk buat lubang butang.
I kena tambah lagi satu lubang butang sahaja. Yang lain i guna lubang butang yang sedia ada.

Proses yang lain-lain tu, antaranya..tukar butang baru warna baby blue dan tambah bias tape.
i tambah poket kecil untuk menambahkan kecomelan baju ini :P

..and, this is the end result..


nampak sexy pulak tang crotch area tu kan..hihi..

Last but not least, 
dimodelkan oleh tuan empunya pyjama, Emir..
 ceria sungguh dia dengan gigi dua batang :D

Missy Skirts

For young ladies of six and three

Friday, March 19, 2010

wow i got my first blog award

I feel greatly honoured and really happy to get this award.
Thanks you so much Zila of mamadanieldanish
for sending this fabulous award my way :) i have to pass it on?
Ok, i'd like to send it to all my followers 
yang mana ada blog..sila terima ya.. terima kasih
At the point of writing, i have 98 followers. Not that many in comparison to others but it amazes me!
It's nice to know people appreciate and like my blog enough to become a follower.
It's nice to know people care about my blogging.
I'm so happy 
Thank you!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Strawberry Sling Bag

Who doesn't love a plump, sweet and  juicy strawberry?


This is a unique and fun kids sling bag in the shape of strawberry. 
 Made from felt

Fully lined with flannel  and has zipper closure.

Just so cute for a cute girl..

sapa lagi..Safiya la..
kan ada nama Safiya kat situ..:D

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Dora The Explorer naik Firefly

Dora and Safiya.
they do look alike ..kan *giggles*

one little girl who had two cups of mango juice, one cup of grape juice, two packets of peanut and a muffin during the 40mins journey balik kampung..*slap forehead*

and spilled the mango juice on mama's seat *sigh* sabar je lah..

But, she was so nice to fasten her seatbelt all by herself withour being told to do so :)

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

LBD stands for Little Blue Dress

This is just another shirred dress for my girl.

Safiya who doesn't like to wear 'sexy' dress before,
is extremely happy to wear this dress
during the current extremely warm climate.

This dress looks so comfy and roomy on her.

i'm happy when she doesn't take her dress off immediately after the photoshooting session.
a sign that she loves her new dress very much! :D

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