Friday, March 19, 2010

wow i got my first blog award

I feel greatly honoured and really happy to get this award.
Thanks you so much Zila of mamadanieldanish
for sending this fabulous award my way :) i have to pass it on?
Ok, i'd like to send it to all my followers 
yang mana ada blog..sila terima ya.. terima kasih
At the point of writing, i have 98 followers. Not that many in comparison to others but it amazes me!
It's nice to know people appreciate and like my blog enough to become a follower.
It's nice to know people care about my blogging.
I'm so happy 
Thank you!


DrSam said...

salam singgah. memang teruja dan seronok jika ada yang menghargai kita.

d u r a said...

ya betul tu DrSam.
seronok juga kalau ada orang yang sudi singgah blog kita yang tidak seberapa ni..thanks!

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