Friday, November 13, 2009

Rolled Hem Foot / Hemmer Foot

rolled hem foot. how to's. in dura's way
Please note that i'm using Singer 7444.

Stich type selected: Zigzag stitch


Over (right side)

 Under (wrong side)

Stitch type selected: Straight stitch.
This foot create 3mm double hem and only suitable for lightweight fabric.

Over (right side)

Under (wrong side)

Happy stitching!


ietafakyra said...

enjoy reading your blog beb. tp tak reti nak buat apa2 since i'm not such a creative like u! hebat.... keep up a gud work.

neeza said...

cool tutorial. tak tahu plak kita berkongsi mesin jahit yg sama.. hehehe.. :-)


ya me too..suke tgk tapi x pandai buat.

d u r a said...

ieta, tipu ah kata ko tak kreatif..ala,bende simple2 aje bolelah aku buat.

neeza, sewing machine yg cool tapi sometimes boleh bikin hati panas jugak haha..

eza, if i can, u sure can maaa...

My Botang said...

Dura, thanks for the 'how to.' I have all these foot in my new machine, but i havent had the chance to really explore what they do..and it doesnt help that the manual is in Japanese..
Btw - love your work.. would be stopping by more often from now on.

d u r a said...

My Botang,
douitashimashite (γ©γ†γ„γŸγ—γΎγ—γ¦)
(i googled the answer..hahah)

My Botang said...

hehehe sugoi!! = dasat!!

Alimaz-Kembara Terasing said...

salam..singgah sat belajaq guna tapak mesin....

d u r a said...

sila..sila...tak paham jgn segan2 tanya ya.

farah.. said...

dura..saya pun ada beli tapak mesin tu baru nie..nak jahit kat hujung kain knittcotton (jersey) utk buat sndri tudung..kat sini nak beli mesin jahit tepi mahal sgt..

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