Friday, October 30, 2009

the refashion bug hit me

Baju 'sleepwear-untuk-anak-mat-saleh' ini dibeli bukan bertujuan untuk dipakaikan kepada Emir semasa beliau tidur. Sebaliknya, baju ini memang berpotensi besar untuk di-refashion..ngee..

Baju dipotong kepada 2 bahagian:
Ini atas punya

 dan ini bawah punya

 kat bahagian hujung baju bahagian atas tu jahit zigzag

tada..dah siap baju. ni untuk Emir

bahagian bawah pula..

guna serger machine buat pertama kali..jahitan sumpah tak cantik sebab tak pandai adjust tension benang


jahit guna cording foot..(will tell u more about this foot in my next entry)huhuh i looike!

jeng-jeng..dah siap tiered skirt for Safiya!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Refashion: bodysuit to t-shirt

I haven't had much time to sew lately. So, there's nothing much to show. I usually sew during weekends and my past weekends seem to be filled with a lot of activities other than sewing. T_T

However, I do have one thing to show - t-shirt refashioning for my little boy :)

I bought this bodysuit with a price of RM6 for 2 from a warehouse shop somewhere in Batu Pahat. Baju reject sebab senget.

Cut the lower part...


Ta-da.. new t-shirt!  Please ignore the measuring cup

Big sis wants to give it a try too..  mmm.. a tad too small but it fits!

Monday, October 26, 2009

My Button Jar is Half Full!

I just love looking at all these multicoloured buttons. It’s great to have all the buttons in one place.

My 3 y.o. girl loves to play with these buttons. She poured out a bunch and sort through them to pick her favourite colour. She loves to count the buttons. I read it somewhere that playing with small objects is essential for developing flexibility and strength of toddlers little fingers. Of course I have to supervise her play with all the buttons or else it will ends up in her mouth or nostrils. Shooh..nightmares~

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