Monday, October 26, 2009

My Button Jar is Half Full!

I just love looking at all these multicoloured buttons. It’s great to have all the buttons in one place.

My 3 y.o. girl loves to play with these buttons. She poured out a bunch and sort through them to pick her favourite colour. She loves to count the buttons. I read it somewhere that playing with small objects is essential for developing flexibility and strength of toddlers little fingers. Of course I have to supervise her play with all the buttons or else it will ends up in her mouth or nostrils. Shooh..nightmares~


Bie said...

wah byknya koleksi buttons..
i also wish to collect more buttons but always end up buttons tu bersepah merata rata. nape ntah budak2 suka sgt main buttons kan..maybe sebab colourful kot dan comel rupanya.

salam perkenalan dari saya :)

d u r a said...

hi bie.. u should do it too..simpan butang dlm balang :)

wahh..hasil tangan bie sgt cantik la..jeles i

iEtaFAkyR@ said...

thanx for the idea.. selalu all my buttons sepah sana sini end up losing it tak tau jatuh kat mana. uuuuu...........

K Wa said...

Dura, kalau hg kt sini mesti berbulu tgk butang2 yg sgt kiut...warghhh..geram..

d u r a said...

ieta, simpan je dlm balang. pas tu syok tengok sayang pulak nak guna..hihi

kWa, apakata hang pos mai kat aku. boleh penuh la balang butang aku lepas ni.

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