Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A Labour Of Love ~ Laptop Sleeve

Wake me up when September ends…’s the end of September already..*sigh*.
So many things to do,so many items to sew, yet so little time.

Anyway, today, let me share with you guys another one of my previous project. This is laptop sleeve I made for my hubby. At last I had the chance to use the Ikeas’s fabric in my stash collections. Hubby requested a thick batting to safeguard his MacBook Pro...cheh! He even designed the sleeve to his liking ~ a jumbo envelope design.

Here is the end result. Can you notice something special (or at least I’d like to think so) about it?

There! The heart shape on the sleeve. A love for my darling! I love my husband deeply ..and a jumbo wrislet for me!


LynnAmalina said...

i'm loving it! chantekk..!but what izit actually? no 2? now..lovee..!i love!!

Zura said...

cantik lah dura! the heart is an awww factor :)

d u r a said...

yup! a lot of 2s is being printed on the fabric.
u olss suke ke? i pon suke sebab hubby i suke haha!

SM79 said...

dur... blh aku tempah tuk laptop aku... ?????

dura said...

sue tempahan bulan oktober sudah ditutup hahaha..just kidding
errkk sue, aku jahit time weekend je, tu pon kalut gile..tak berani nak amek tempahan dowh..

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