Thursday, December 30, 2010

December Updates!

nampaknya dura sekarang ni  update blog sebulan sekali saja.
sangat sibuk
sungguh tak tipu
tapi orang lain pun sibuk juga. mungkin saya yang tak pandai nak bahagikan masa kot..
walaubagaimanapun, tetap sempat menjahit dalam dok sibuk sibuk tu..hihi..

ni semua dress untuk anak sedara dan anak sendiri untuk dipakai di majlis perkahwinan my feveret cousin. permintaan si bride mintak jahit yang tak dapat nak ditolak.


yg omel ada, yang omot pun ada hehe ;)

 thorn among roses ;)

 yang ni my favourite model. omel sungguh.. tayang gigi pulak dia.
~ senyum mahal suri :)

dalam sibuk sibuk dok makan nasik tomato paling sedap di dunia,
serious lupa nak snap gambar pengantin baru.
pengantin lama pun boleh lah ye. ini loving couple yang dah 41 tahun bersama 
love u ayah & mama!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

What's up November?

i know..i know... i've been neglegting this blog for sooo long..
thousand apologies to my dear friends and readers. I have been terribly busy in the office (still in the same company, but i'm moving to a new strategic business unit that requires me to work harder) and at home (yeahh..still at the same old home) .yet,  i won't let November passes with no blog entry from me :)

the workload in the office is getting more, and at the same time I am not willing to let my sewing just slipped from my fingers! so, here are dressess that i managed to complete for my customers. thanks for your support

the dresses

above two dressess are for kak salina's 6 months old baby dhia.

amd these dresses are for feena's bundle of joy. fabrics given by feena.

the matching panties

baby sundress and sunhat from extra fabrics of feena's

again.. thanks for all your support, friends :)


Thursday, October 28, 2010

patchwork purse

this small clutch purse was made entirely from scraps of fabrics, that i bought from mai of okinokiyo many moons ago.

Friday, October 22, 2010

clutch untuk tok

clutch untuk tok saya. dijahit dari stash pemberian kak ayu of pondok craft. self-draught pattern dan dijahit quilt yang simple dan ditambah wooden button.

bahagian dalam ada poket untuk tok letak 'paspot'. ok, tok namakan IC tu 'paspot' heheh. bahagian penutup ada magnetic closure.

ini adalah tok kesayangan saya. she is my maternal grandma.
( panggilan untuk nenek bagi orang kedah adalah tok. manakala, untuk atuk/datuk pulak dipanggil tok wan @ wan )

senyuman manis menawan bangga dengan clutch pemberian cucu tersayang.
umur tok dah eighty-something. alhamdulillah masih sihat dan kuat berjalan kaki lagi. dan yang penting, tok tetap comel :)

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

easy-to-sew Simplicity 3557

I've got the itch to sew… for myself. Just because I’ve own the black manny now. It helps me feel that I’m a professional sewer heheww..

I bet most of u already know that I have quite a number of sewing patterns (the envelope type) that I’ve purchased last year through Lynn of SpinningSpool Shoppe, and none of them were transformed into reality eventho I have tons of sewing planned for myself .

Yeah, I like to dream big when I purchased all the patterns. Unfortunately, I have limited time, lack of energy and enthusiasm to sew for myself.

Looking at my black manny makes me feeling revitalized and I’m sewing for myself with much gusto.

I used Simplicity 3557 - View D but i made a lot of variations to it. I omitted the ties and shorten the length. And it's not a dress anymore because of these variations. It's more of a blouse now. I just love the empire-waist and princess-seams design. It's really easy-to-sew indeed. Not having a zipper makes it even easier!

it looks great on her(the mannequin), right?

However, it is not really comfortable as it's a bit tight around the armscye area. Should make it bigger, if I were to sew it again in the future. Oh, the bottom of the blouse also sangat kembang.

For some reason, I am obsessed in making my own clothes, more,more and more. Or..maybe I should complete my unfinished baju raya first-lah.
Nonetheless, this is my second piece. But still, i forgot to adjust the sleeve/armscye area* sigh*

love the elastic thread :)

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