Thursday, August 27, 2009

My Blogging Journey

*this is supposed to be my first entry.


I have bought lots of sewing patterns and fabrics from Spinningspool-shoppe recently. I was intoxicated by all the beaufiful fabrics from this shop. C’mon peeps let's buy from here, the service is superb, I must say.

However, I have to admit that it is more fun to think of the various fabrics and what garment I could make with them than to actually make it! huhu..

The ‘tokey kedai’ , Lynn suggested that I should start my sewing blog soonest possible, in order to motivate me to sew. Thanks babe for inspiring me.. So, here begins my blogging journey!

Anyhow, let's check on what i have grab........

Simplicity patterns for yours truly :)

Simplicity patterns for MsButtercup...intend to make the Snow White dress for her upcoming 3rd birthday. Wish me luck!

Not forgetting..for my darling hubby & little bumblebee

Butterick patterns, for me lagi...

Printed fabric, i bought two yards each.

Tadi jengok kedai ni ada new fabrics lagi.. hand feel so itchy to buy more laa…I just love stashing up! Who doesn't? Lalallala....

Ops! tak habis lagi...this is the best part. Lynn, without fail, akan selitkan gifts in every parcel.Best kan?! Just look at those cute buttons that i received..i got ribbons too, but MsButtercup dah bawak larii...katanya..dia punya..
Thank you Lynn, It's a pleasure dealing with you and hope we can do it again in future.InsyaAllah.


LynnAmalina said...

OMG!!Finally!!!!I rasa macam nak lompat-lompat jea -- for no reason, boleh? THANK YOU for the BIG promo on my shop, dahling! Shoutbox please!and make sure to get your blog listed on the Craft Zone Malaysia. And..add that follow gadget so I can follow you!! :) welcome my fren!hee...

d u r a said...

ok babe, everything is CHECKED! thanks for the tips!

Afzaniza Hany said...

dura...canteknyerr fabric tu....btw, nak tanya pattern2 tu beli kat mana ek...minat jugak yang snow wwhite tu... :)

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