Thursday, January 21, 2010

Jom join Giveaways!

i love giveaways, and i'm going to take part in blog giveaways hosted by:
 hohoh.. greedy me!

ok, since all three owners of the above blog  require an entry regarding their giveaway, my next, next and next entry will be on their generous giveaways.Their prizes are pretty good. Hope i'll win one of them.

hey! you can join the fun too!


MyBotanG said...

I have never won anything before *pout* soo unlucky!! *sulk*

d u r a said...

sue, just trying my luck.
who knows, this time around i'll be lucky hee

NEEZAneedles said...

gud luck.. (but i think u really hv a gud luck.. heheh). hadiah saya dah dapat tak?

d u r a said...

neeza, thanks. eh sori..terlupa nak bagitau, hadiah tu dah dpt.dah guna pon .tq

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