Friday, June 4, 2010

the cutest ultraman kaiju ever

siapa yang takut kalau ada monsters(japanese=kaiju) sekiut ini?

a quilted playmat requested by Idayu for her little boy, Adib who loves 'otomen' very much. 
the most wonderful thing about these quilt is that 
it is large enough for a play area on the floor,
to be tucked in around the sides and bottom of the crib,
to be used on a toddler bed,
to wrap up a 3 year old which is Adib,
or anything else that Idayu could think of..

i use puffy batting for the middle. turn out soft comfy quilts.
love it, hope Idayu and Adib love it too ♥


Nomaliza Azman said...

Hi, cantik fabrik dan cantik craftmanship!! I nak tanya, kat mana Dura beli batting? Dan ada tak battink yg tebal mcm untuk backpack/beg laptop tu?

Thanks Dura!

MyBotanG said...

I'm loving it too.. mmg cute both the kaiju and the ottomen *grin* and the puffy batting makes the quilt looks comfy.. susah x nak jahit??

a.n.i.Q.u.e said...

hahaha kalau mcm tu punya kiut kaiju .. ultraman pun tak boleh nak fire ....

nampak pun comfy tu itu quilt ....


nissa said...

salam nak tanye kat mana erk beli fabrik ultraman tu...anak2 sy pun peminat setia ultraman...puas dah sy cari..harap leh email sy erk pasal fabrik

idayu said...


adib loves it very much.. siap letak sume toy otomen dia atas quilt tu... siap cakap... "mami, sume ni otomen punya,jgn kacau" funny... anyway thanks for da lovely quilt and nice knowing u.. keep in touch..

d u r a said...

hi nomaliza, thanks for the compliments. i beli batting kat kedai jahit. sometimes dpt yg tebal. tapi selalu standard thickness dlm 1.5cm.

sue,thanks. susah jugak nak jahit bila batting tebal ni. sebab tu i prefer stitch-in the-ditch aje :)

ann, tak sempat ultraman nak fire dah cair dulu dgn kecomelan kaijus ;P

nissa, check your email ya :)

i'm so glad both of u suka. send my ♥ to adib ya :D

aku eta said...

aku pon suka...cute sungguh otomen tuh...tetiba terfikir kalau aku ada satu pon best hehehehehehe....:)

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