Monday, January 11, 2010

Ottobre's Summer Pants

The pattern is actually for baby girl's summer pants, but i made this pants for my boy, Emir.

The pants have roomy leg and patch pockets.

  Eventually, it is my girl Safiya who wear it. and it became 3/4 pants, lol



iEtaFAkyR@ said...

u should pay her beb for being a great model... so cute! this is wat we call unisex pants. hehehee.

Diamilikku said...

ishhh...safiya looks so cute in that pans..n with the expression on her face....memang on demand lah pants nih kalau hang juai.....

d u r a said...

ieta, safiya is overpaid already..with love, hug & kissess that is..haha

sone, she's chewing sugus at that time. that's the only decent pic that i have :)

SM79 said...

tempah satu.. hahahahah
so cute la gigirl hg ni..
model in action..

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